Sunday, 23 May 2010

to begin with

I'm studying media & sociology at uni.
So I (had to) read many difficult books sometimes...

Let me talk a bit.

Zygmunt Bauman, a renowned Polish sociologist, says societies have become 'liquid', from solid.
Because we wanted to get infinite freedom.
That's why previous wisdom and authorities were totally rejected.
Therefore our societies are now free (maybe?), but insecure and unstable (really!).
Every component of current societies are unreliable.
So there's no manual to survive our own daily lives.
We have to construct our identities by ourselves.

...okay, but how?

Bauman says the important factor to make our identities was occupation, previously.
At the moment, our identities are made by consumption.
Shopping shows who I am.....can be true?

Besides, Anthony Giddens, who is also a famous sociologist, mentions a lot about identities.
He says an identity is the ongoing 'story' about the self.
It means an identity is not just a momentary personality, but the account of one's life.


I have been into fashion from childhood, but what is it?

If fashion is now one of the most important things to construct and show our identities,
What does fashion mean in terms of current societies with many problems?
How fashion is connected to societies?
Why do you choose the T-shirts?
What is behind the creation?
What do you wanna show to people through your style?

I just wanna do something about fashion...
Because I think fashion should be more controversial,
In order to evolve, find more meanings, and be just nicer for us.


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