Friday, 30 July 2010

Carri the Cassette Playa!!

Today in Machine-A, I happened to see one of people I had really wanted to see in London actually...Carri Munden of Cassette Playa.
I have really liked her collections and her very individual style as well, and actually she was super nice.
Then the happy thing is I was wearing Cassette Playa's T-shirt I bought in Paris, and besides, this is such a coincidence, Carri and I were wearing the same skull and web pattern items, hers was a shirt and mine was a scarf
This kind of things are one of the sweet accidents and happy moments of fashion aren't they!

本日Machine-Aにて、ロンドンですごく会いたかった人の一人であるCassette PlayaのCarriに会いました
それとハッピーなことに、僕はパリで買ったCassette PlayaのTシャツを今日着ていて、さらにほんと偶然にもCarriと僕は同じスカルとクモの巣のパターンのアイテムを着ていました。彼女はシャツで僕はスカーフ

Cassette Playa Website
her blog on hypebeast


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