Wednesday, 16 June 2010

MACHINE-A June 14, 2010 & Anna Trevelyan

from left to right: Ella, Anna (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!), Stavros, Dean (KOKONTOZAI) and the cool girl (sorry I don't know ya name..)

Anna Trevelyan

Anna is Nicola Formichetti's assistant, she loves socks, shoes, hairdye and boys and hates ice-cream. She also loves her job and wants to do it forever!
---Dazed Digital

Anna is a follower of the cosmos, believer in magic and a fashion LOVER. During her time as a student she interned, studied, partied and assisted with talented creatives. Post-graduation, she appeared in a Uniqlo campaign styled by Nicola Formichetti, after which he asked Anna to assist him - an offer not be refused! Anna has been assisting Nicola on his adventures for the past year and a half and is now shooting for several international style publications, including Dazed & Confused. She has close links with new young London-based designers, recently styling the show for JCDC. She still assists Nicola and works regularly with him and Lady Gaga. Phew! She feels very lucky to travel the world doing what she loves and hopes to continue to do so forevermore!
---McQ Diary

Here's her blog and you can see her stylings.

Anna Trevelyan

ニコラフォルミケッティによるユニクロのキャンペーンに携わり、以後ニコラのアシスタントを開始しDazed & Confused やLady Gaga のスタイリングなどに参加。また、JCDCのショーのスタイリングなど個人としても多数のスタイリング、プロジェクトに参加。ソックス、シューズ、ヘアカラーとボーイズが大好きで、アイスクリームが嫌い。仕事も大好きで生涯続けたい!


For those who can read Japanese
Check Nomilog for her brief interview


some works from her blog

I met her a few times and she is always so cute and a really nice person, then I like her stylings of course!!
If you like her, vote for her!! (just go to fashion section, choose emerging, click her name and vote!)

そんな彼女ですが今The independentというこっちの新聞のクリエイティブ&メディア界の才能を選出する、みたいな賞にノミネートされています
(FashionのとこのEMERGINGからAnna Trevelyanをクリックしてメルアドうって投票!)


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